Our Impact

Pitches, pioneering products and fund launches.

 Developing effective communication skills as well as building the team’s confidence has been a key part of our process to successfully win and secure new mandates. 

Whilst business needs to be nimble, it is its people who are doing the flexing. Forward-thinking organisations ensure their leaders’ values are seamlessly connected to its business’ results.

 Amongst change within our global structure and the ever challenging business environment, the coaching allowed me to create a roadmap to achieve my own professional goals whilst meeting my objectives set out for me by our CEO. 

Promoting internal talent is a cost-effective way to recruit future business leaders. Smart organisations understand investing in their people is investing in their own future.

 We hired a How To coach to raise the profile of a long-standing senior female leader. As a result, the individual built their confidence and self-belief ensuring our firm retained a technically skilled and highly experienced employee. 

Whilst executive coaching focuses on an individual, its success frequently has a ripple effect in the organisation.

 We engaged a coach to work with a department head to develop interpersonal skills. As a result, his personal impact was far more positive around the office ensuring strong staff morale and retention.