Executive Coaching testimonials

 Charlotte came highly recommended after coaching a number of my colleagues. I am delighted that I am now able to verify the positive feedback and have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte to others. From our first meeting, Charlotte was highly engaged and enthusiastic. Once Charlotte understood my goals, she made it her goal for me to reach my potential. Charlotte was happy taking me out of my comfort zone and I gained a lot from our sessions. Charlotte is a warm and friendly person but also very motivated. Charlotte gave great thought to all of our sessions and always came highly prepared. I loved the follow up summary / reflection emails and also really appreciated the helpful links to books, quotes, ted talks etc.  

 My coaching sessions with Charlotte exceeded all my expectations and have had a huge impact on me. I now look at my professional and personal life through a very different lens and have realised the power of adopting a different mind-set. Through the course of the sessions, Charlotte challenged many of my perceptions, improved my confidence and empowered me to step-up and create opportunities. Charlotte is incredibly energetic, insightful, able to swiftly clarify the dynamics at play and galvanise an individual to take the action they need to make a change. I found the input between sessions very helpful in encouraging me to stay focused and not to fall back into old habits. I feel confident that I am now equipped with the tools for success going forward.

 I never thought about business coaching until I met with How To Associates and then realised what an incredible impact it can have. The drive, energy and pearls of wisdom during the sessions, had a great impact on me. We focused on some specific goals and they were amazing at keeping me on track with these having a direct impact on me personally but also our business objectives. 

 Charlotte came recommended from my HR network within small investment companies and we have not been disappointed. She is incredibly high-energy and incisive. The Directors working with her have seen absolute improvement and change in their ability to address business challenges thanks to her intelligent and intuitive style. She is everything a coach should be – inspirational, creative, reassuring, guiding and has a huge impact. I would highly recommend her. 

 Having worked with How To Associates the results have been ‘life changing’ -this is neither flamboyance, drama nor eulogy – it is fact and the most succinct way of summarising the results. Whilst I was ready for the journey and knew I needed results, I was not prepared for either how fast I would recognise them or how far I would travel because of them. I am now in a different place personally and professionally – the results have far exceeded my expectations. Whilst I do not know what the future holds, I do know I am better placed to embrace it, thrive on it and grow positively from the experience.

 My How To Associates’ coach was very incisive in observations and was able to ‘cut to the quick’ towards establishing the key issues/behaviours and subsequently the best outcomes. My coach was extremely open and creative in delivery and demonstrated a huge commitment to clients through both her language and behaviours and was a pleasure to work with. 

 I worked with How To Associates for a combination of reasons – making the next professional jump, better aligning my personal values with my professional goals and making more of an impact at the organisation. Coaching really helped me in most aspects of my life and I still apply the coaching methods in my life. My coach was very detail-oriented, focussed and articulate and a key strength was getting to the root of the problem to be tackled with. 

 Charlotte’s sessions are always well received, and her coaching success rate is astronomical. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

 I completed a series of coaching sessions with How To Associates to improve my influencing skills. It enabled me to considerably improve my approach to assisting colleagues and to help and encourage others within the company. 

 Recently, a How To Associates coach completed a six-month coaching contract. The objective was to build confidence in a high potential individual. The coaching was delivered to the highest standard and more than exceeded our expectations. 

 I was offered a How To Associates’ coach as part of a training and development effort for senior leaders in our newly formed management team. Amongst change within our global structure and the ever challenging business environment, the coaching allowed me to create a roadmap to achieve my own professional goals while meeting my objectives set out for me by our CEO. It gave me the tools to be resilient, productive and persistent during a time of instability, and has helped to keep me focused on positive opportunities going forward. 

 We have hired a How To Associates’ executive coach on a number of occasions. Most recently, we engaged a coach to work with a department head to develop interpersonal skills. This individual was a technical expert, highly productive and with many valuable years experience. However, his personal impact could at times be brusque and at worst abrasive resulting in several employee complaints. As a result of coaching, the individual became more self aware, developed the ability to self manage and learned how to positively influence others. Consequently, his personal impact was far more positive around the office ensuring strong staff morale and retention. A time-saving intervention for HR and ultimately a great return on investment.