Communication Classes

Spontaneous, succinct and smart communication is required industry practice in an age of rapidly decreasing attention spans. Yet how many of us stutter and stammer when the stakes are high?

Whilst most people spend time planning for presentations, they panic in the day-to-day unscripted present. Confidence and courage can elude us in the real world of uncertainty.

This hugely challenging yet motivating workshop is designed to develop the overlooked skills of:

  • Handling unexpected conversations impressively
  • Being sharp and alert in pivotal meetings
  • Positively embracing the unknown

Practically we introduce the value of improvisation skills to the business environment. Improvisation is the perfect tool for the fast-paced business environment because it only works when we are present, listening, collaborating and creating. How often are we truly listening? It also turns up the volume on basic communication skills by testing our ability to articulately persuade and influence spontaneously.

This is the class to slay self-doubt and nail self-confidence once and for all.

This is a highly practical, immensely engaging and interactive presentation training course daring to disrupt death by power point, pitch book or any other prop designed to put your audience to sleep. If you are looking for a fresh approach to presentation and public speaking skills, this is it. Our promise is that all participants will leave with the confidence to deliver engaging, compelling and memorable messages.

We do this by revealing the answers to 3 really simple questions:

  • How do you grab attention?
  • How do you keep it?
  • How do you make yourself unforgettable?

Practically, we deconstruct the key elements of impactful communication. We encourage participants to test out tools from the performance trade rather than curious conventions within the corporate world. The majority of participants say the most painful yet practical part of the session is watching themselves on camera. Once individuals get over the peculiar sound of their voice or their wardrobe choices, they focus. Using our checklist of effective communication tools against their delivery, they quickly identify their own personal development plan. Our mission is to raise the stakes of corporate communication so your people are remembered for all the right reasons.

This is a highly practical, immensely engaging and interactive networking course motivating individuals to consciously build and broaden their professional network. Relationships are the life-blood of any business. Yet sometimes in our bid to work harder, faster and smarter we are seduced by the speed of e-mail over the power of personal connection. The skill of nurturing relationships is the difference between highly effective individuals and the rest.

We deliver this workshop based on 3 simple principles:

  • Presence
  • Curiosity
  • Intention

Practically, we explore the behaviours of face-to-face interaction based on the latest thinking in Mindfulness, NLP theory and Social Psychology. Getting to grips with our mindset, harnessing the power of body language and discovering the secrets of all great conversationalists, participants will be confident to step away from their screens and genuinely connect. Our mission is planted firmly in the roots of authenticity, we advocate treating people like people not prospects.