Leadership Development

This workshop has been well received as part of a Leadership Programme at one of the world’s best-known business schools as well as a Top Tier investment bank. It is a highly interactive and practical workshop exploring the enigma of ‘Presence’.

We begin by introducing a simple model outlining the elements required to achieve ‘Presence’. Practically, participants test out new behaviours using tools from a broad range of disciplines from the science of social psychology to the art of improvisation.

Participants learn How To:

  • Be comfortable in their own skin
  • Be noticed without speaking
  • Be an inspiration

Understanding that hard work alone is not enough to be successful is a precourse requirement. If you want to raise your profile and get noticed, this is for you.

The How To Management Training programme is a highly experiential and practical programme designed for up to 6 Managers delivered over 5 months. During the programme, Managers learn How To:

  • Motivate their team using situational leadership
  • Distinguish between power and influence
  • Unlock creativity and talent within their team
  • Hold challenging conversations

Before the programme begins, Managers complete the Emotional Quotient Inventory to kick-start their self-awareness. The results are delivered by an EQ-I expert in a one-to-one coaching environment so that each Manager understands their unique management skill-set. Consequently, once the group-training programme begins, Managers are laser-focussed on their specific development needs.

Practically, Group-training is delivered at monthly intervals covering 3 hot topics:

  • Management versus Leadership
  • Challenging Conversations
  • Coaching Skills

The programme design intentionally facilitates accountability, shared learning and relationship-building amongst the Manager peer group.

Holding crucial conversations is the hallmark of effective leadership: whether you are delivering a performance review, challenging a colleague or motivating a team. This programme challenges outdated yet universally applied habits like the blame game and the very popular right to be right.

Drawing on a breadth of science and art such as nonviolent communication, NLP theory as well as Transactional Analysis, participants learn How To:

  • Disagree and maintain rapport
  • Avoid the trap of emotional knee-jerk responses
  • Set up conversations for success
  • Strengthen professional relationships

The art is to speak up and be heard whilst keeping defensiveness at bay. This ensures regrets become a distant memory.

This workshop comes with a warning: attendance may cause positive change in all participants’ relationships.