Lunch and Learn Sessions

These are a series of 60 or 90 minute sessions that can be held over a lunch or breakfast period which creates a relaxed learning environment and minimises staff downtime. These sessions can also be used to expand networking opportunities with clients, colleagues, stakeholders or business partners. Lunch and Learn sessions include:

This session examines how to manage professional reputations authentically. By applying simple marketing tools, participants will explore how to animate their unique professional brand.

Participants will learn How To:

  • Positively stand out in a field of high performers
  • Build authentic and long-term professional relationships
  • Intentionally develop a professional reputation

This session addresses the enigma of Presence and challenges the notion that it cannot be taught.

Participants will learn How To:

  • Demystify the behaviours and practices required to exude Presence
  • Experience the power of being in the here and now
  • Influence a group through personal impact

Associates will be introduced to coaching as the key leadership skill required for achieving personal and organisational goals.

  • Participants will learn How To:
  • Identify practical scenarios where coaching is impactful
  • Positively engage and motivate themselves and others
  • Be inspiring

This session normalises stress and its pervasiveness.  By shining a spotlight on stress, participants will learn the key strategies proven to prevent burnout.

Participants will learn How To:

  • Prioritise their mental as well as physical health for high performance
  • Distinguish between Stress and a Stressor 
  • Integrate 7 evidence-based strategies to self-manage more effectively

As human beings, we are no longer fighting for our lives on the open plains yet our biology tricks us into perceiving life or death scenarios at work. Instead of a saber-toothed tiger, our flight or fight mechanism is now triggered by, arguably less deadly, calls from demanding clients, challenges from colleagues or simply the anticipation of our performance review. This session introduces tools to manage our biology.

Participants will learn How To:

  • Self-manage
  • Be brave
  • Perform at our best.

Whilst many of us have been taught the art of speaking, becoming an effective listener is usually left to chance. This session provides a structured listening model to harness even the shortest attention spans.

Participants will learn How To:

  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Demonstrate respect through listening
  • Hear what is communicated beyond words