I’m back! Shhhh don’t tell anyone but I took a holiday. You know, a proper one. Some of you may even recall having one yourself if you were working pre-1990. For my younger readers, a holiday or annual leave, if you will, would be a series of consecutive days (but usually weeks if you worked in the UK) where you genuinely left work, totally forgot about it and did whatever you pleased. Yes really, millennials. There was no internet, no mobile phone, no way of anyone reaching you. And shame on you if anyone tried.

I know I know, impossible to imagine.

They say we should learn from history and selflessly, on your behalf, I had a 20th Century-style holiday: I completely switched off. I switched off my phone, my laptop and took a media diet. The biggest daily challenge I faced was sourcing a decent cup of coffee. It turns out, a cinch when you are in New Zealand.

The result? Drum roll please: an eerie calm has washed over me and so far, is still intact. It turns out that the world still turns, the media cycle still churns and my phone still rings.

It turns out, being a bit of a dinosaur is great for stress. So my New Year’s resolution people: Be a dinosaur.